Tava Yoga Studio Will Actually Try to Take Care of Its Teachers

Just hanging at Tava Yoga.

“Consider a yoga pose. Your foundation is everything. Here, our teachers are our foundation, says co-owner of Tava Yoga, Leah Heath.

She believes investing in teachers will be the key to a successful business and an enjoyable experience for yogis. Tava Yoga, opening in Greenwood Village on Saturday, November 18, will offer more than sixty aerial classes a week in addition to traditional yoga classes, all taught by “happy, healthy instructors.”

The decision to invest in the teachers was both Heath and her co-owner’s Gary Wita’s “base philosophy” as they began mapping out their business plan. “I didn’t know much about the yoga business before getting into this, but Leah told me that most companies don’t have ‘employees,’ but rather use sub-contractors and don’t have benefits,” Wita says. “So I said, ‘What if we focused on that?’ What if we tried to make Tava Yoga really teacher-friendly?”

Tava Yoga instructor Christina Pischel.
This teacher is supported by the silks and Tava Yoga’s owners.
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