Parker Co Restaurants That Are Known for Putting Good Food on the Table

Putting Good Food

Let’s head on over to Parker, Colorado and look at a few top restaurants there. Do you know where Parker is located. While there are less than 200 restaurants in the city, that is still quite a few. It is time to get something to eat folks. I think you are going to enjoy these picks. How could you not when I have selected three of the best establishments out of nearly 200 in Parker CO?

Hickory House is the first one, and you will find it on South Parker Road. Barbecue chicken, ribs, pulled pork, onion rings and all kinds of great foods are there. Now I will admit that I don’t think of onion rings as sides when I get barbecue, but I love onion rings nonetheless. They make the top menu highlights for a reason.

The next restaurant has the city in its name, and it sounds really simple and inviting. Parker Garage is on East Main Street, and a couple menu items that this place features includes fish and chips and pulled pork. Outdoor patio dining is available, and you know that sounds like fun. Now we have one more Parker CO restaurant to look at so what’s it going to be?

Let’s take a look at Rory’s Diner, which is found on South Pikes Peak Drive. A gigantic steak is shown in one of the pictures, and guys, I just like diners. How can you not have a good meal at a diner? The city of Parker seems like it features a nice rustic atmosphere by the way, so that is also a winner. If you asked me which of these Parker CO restaurants I would visit first, it would have to be Hickory House though. I am not known for passing up good barbecue.

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