Having Co in Your Mailing Address Means You’ve Likely Found the High Life

High Life

If your mailing address is one that has CO in it for the state abbreviation, then you live in the great state of Colorado. If you’re not native to the state, then either you or someone in your family decided it was time for the ‘high life.’

Chances are good that you live in or around Denver, as this Front Range real estate downtown area of millions is home to nearly all the residents of the state. There are other smaller cities sprinkled across this magnificent state, but they all pale in comparison to the Mile High City and its surrounding suburbs. Even Colorado Springs doesn’t even come close in terms of population and size.

If you are living in the Front Range corridor, then you’re in an interesting place where you have the Rockies and their sometimes snow-capped peaks to the west and the Great Plains rolling off gently to the east. This rare spot on the continent is one where the geography and terrain changes very drastically and quickly, unlike the much gentler terrain back east on the Atlantic Seaboard.

If you’re not living in the city or suburbs of Denver or another city, then you’re either on those Great Plains or in the mountains themselves somewhere. More of the state’s rural population does tend to live in the mountains than the plains though, as the plains are largely farming and agriculture.

In the mountains, there are communities surrounding activities like skiing in Vail and Aspen or natural formations like the thermal springs of Glenwood Springs. There are also deep gorges, Native American ruins, and even stretches of desert that represent various terrains that make each city its own distinct place for CO residents to call home in this enchanting state.

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